How to Choose the Right Ukulele

Want to buy a ukulele but getting confused about the suitable one? 

Finding the perfect ukulele that can fulfill your desire is quite difficult. But here we are to suggest the suitable one you need. As there are some categories, you can’t jump in it right now! 

First, you have to know about ukuleles. So, before exploring how to choose the right ukulele let’s know about types of the ukulele.

Types of ukulele 

The ukulele comes in different tunes, sizes, and designs. Compared to size, there are seven types of ukuleles in the market nowadays. They are sopranino ukulele, soprano ukulele, concert ukulele, tenor ukulele, baritone ukulele, bass ukulele, and contrabass ukulele. Let’s read a short introduction on different types of ukulele to get the basic idea of how to choose the right ukulele.

Sopranino Ukulele

sopranino ukulele

The sopranino ukulele is a bit smaller than the standard size soprano ukulele. This 10-12 frets cute instrument is also known as Sopranissimo, Piccolo, Mini, and pocket ukulele. sopranissimo ukulele is sized  17-19 inches and it’s considered to be the smallest ukulele. Sopranino ukulele may be perfect for small kids but not for adults. 

Soprano Ukulele

soprano ukulele

The soprano ukulele is considered to be a standard-size ukulele.  This 21-inch instrument has 12-15 frets. Because of its traditional classic tone soprano ukulele is so popular for beginners to professionals. Though this instrument is quite popular among people of all ages, in the case of height, taller people suffer a bit because of its small size. However, it is still used by taller people because of its traditional plinky sound. 

Concert Ukulele

concert ukulele

As ukuleles popularity grows over time, the concert ukulele was introduced in 1920 due to customer demand. The concert ukulele is a bit larger than the classic soprano ukulele. That is why taller people feel comfortable while using it. Not only that. Concert ukulele sounds a bit louder than soprano ukulele and has 1-3 more frets than soprano. People who want to play ukulele in more crowded places can choose concert ukulele for its brighter and more jangly sounds. 

Tenor Ukulele

tenor ukulele

The tenor ukulele is slightly bigger and has equal or 1 more fret than the concert ukulele. That is why there is more space on frets. Because of spaced frets, it’s a bit easier to play and suitable for people who have larger fingers or hands. Not only that, this ukulele produces warmer and sometimes deeper sounds that make this uke unique. 

Baritone Ukulele

baritone ukulele

The baritone ukulele is known as the black sheep of the ukulele family because the most common ones are soprano, concert, and tenor tunes but the baritone sounds different. The key difference of baritone uke is its chords. When typical uke tunes as GCEA, baritone tuned as DGBE. It’s quite similar to the top four guitar strings. That is why it’s quite easier to learn who knows guitar strings well. 

Baritone uke is normally 29 inches long and comes with 19-21 frets. As it’s much bigger than the classical 3 it may help taller musicians But it can’t be chosen over the classical 3 because of its chord difference. Because of the size of the baritone uke, it produces a lower tone with a warmer, darker, and richer sound. For people who want a traditional uke tone, the baritone uke may not be for them but if a guitarist easily wants to learn how to play uke, baritone could be the best choice. 

Produce a lower tone Because it produces a lower tone: a warmer, darker, and richer sound as a result of its construction and tuning.

Bass Ukulele

bass ukulele

The bass ukulele is the 21st century’s new addition to the ukulele family. This 30 inches ukulele plays the same open notes (EADG) similar to a bass guitar but one octave up. People who love the Double Bass but want a different sound texture can choose this lovely little bass instrument.

Contrabass Ukulele

contrabass ukulele

contrabass is another new addition to the ukulele family. It’s slightly larger than the bass ukulele. This 32-inch ukulele plays the same notes EADG at the same octave as a standard bass guitar. For people who love traveling, the bass ukulele could be a good replacement for the bass guitar. 

Subcategory of Ukulele

Pineapple Ukulele

pineapple ukulele

The pineapple ukulele can be considered a subcategory of the classical ukulele. Such as sopranissimo pineapple ukulele, soprano pineapple ukulele, concert pineapple ukulele.  The key difference between the classical and pineapple uke is its shape. It’s quite round-shaped ukulele It sounds quite similar to the classical uke The pineapple ukes are quite round-shaped that’s why it’s a little louder and gives more mellow sounds. 

Acoustic-electric Ukulele

Acoustic-electric Ukulele

Similar to the pineapple ukulele, the acoustic ukulele is also a sub-category of the classical ukulele. When the classical ukulele comes plugging in with an amplifier it becomes an acoustic-electric ukulele. Classical ukuleles like soprano, concert, tenor can be easily modified on an Acoustic-electric ukulele. Not only that, you can easily buy it from the ukulele shop.

Let’s Scroll Down and Get to Know “How to Choose the Right Ukulele”…!

Choosing the right ukulele size is never easy. You have to find out the reason why and for whom you want to buy a ukulele. We did a lot of research to make it easy for you. Let’s find out how to choose the right ukulele and which one is best for you. 

The sopranino/ Sopranissimo/ Piccolo/ Mini/ pocket ukulele is so small that experts don’t suggest it for professionals and is not suitable for adults too. But its smaller size makes it super suitable for kids. For little kids, sopranino could be the perfect beginner ukulele.

You can buy sopranissimo for different purposes. Because of its cute and little appearance, you can buy it for decorating your walls. Not only that but sopranino is also super useful for traveler musicians too. As it fits in a backpack, this ukulele is super useful for them. Let’s check out “ sopranino link”

If you want traditional sounds of ukuleles, the soprano, concert, and tenor could be the best option for you. these ukuleles create notes as GCEA. But if we go deep on it, which individual one is suitable for personal preference?

The soprano ukulele could be the best if your height is average and want a more traditional plinky sound. It is the most popular ukulele from beginners to professionals. If your height is average and finding a ukulele for your kids to learn music and want a more traditional plinky sound then buy a soprano.

On the other hand, you can choose the concert ukulele if your height is more than average and want a little louder sound. But if you have a bigger hand then the tenor ukulele could be perfect because of its frets space and larger sizes. In short, for medium-height people a concert is perfect but for a taller person tenor could be better. 

Another thing to consider before choosing the tenor ukulele is, it produces warmer and sometimes deeper sounds that make it different. So, if you want a brighter, and plinky sound go for a soprano or a concert.

The baritone ukulele notes are similar to guitar and different from classical uke. Acoustic guitar tunes as EADGBE and the baritone ukulele tunes as DGBE. In short, this ukulele sounds similar to the lower guitar strings but not the same. That’s why it can’t produce the traditional uke sounds. So if you’re fond of traditional uke sound then the baritone ukulele is not for you. 

On the other hand, if you love lower tones with a warmer, darker, and richer sound then baritone ukulele could be your favorite. As its strings are similar to the lower guitar string, it’s super easy for guitarists to nail it with a little practice. So, if you can play guiter and want to add uke flavour to your song then buy a baritone ukulele.

The bass and the contrabass ukulele are so different from the classical one. These two tunes as EADG. Both of them are quite similar but different in size. But the bass ukulele creates more similar sounds to the double bass. If you love the Double Bass then obviously the bass uke will touch your heart.

On the other hand, bass and contrabass both sound alike to the bass guitar but the contrabass ukulele sounds much closer to the bass guitar. So, if you want the same notes and octave as a bass guitar you can pick contrabass uke. In addition, if you are struggling for space to carry the bass guitar then u-bass uke could be a solution for you.

The Bottom Line

Every ukulele is great but all you have to do is find the suitable one that can fulfill your wants and desires. By considering each instrument’s size and tone it is easy to pick the right one. 

We hope that you get your answers through our article. Still, have questions in your mind? How was our article on “how to choose the right ukulele”? Let us know in the comment section.

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