March 30, 2023
How To Choose The Right Ukulele

As there are so many types of ukuleles on the market nowadays, It’s been difficult to find out the perfect ukulele that can fulfill all your needs. So, how to choose the right ukulele? 

That’s simple! You have to determine some easy facts to ensure the best one. To choosing a ukulele the very first thing to consider is to find out the ukulele size you need. To know more about how to finalize the ukulele that is best for you, read the 5 steps we mention below. 

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Ukulele 

There are different shapes and sizes of ukuleles that make buyers confused about which one should they go for. To make your decision easier we divide the process into 5 easy steps for choosing the perfect one. 

1. Decide What Size Ukulele Is Right for You

From 17 inches to 30 inches, there are five ukulele sizes that are widely found. The very first decision you have to make is which size ukulele suits perfectly to you. In easy words, smaller size fits well for small kids and a larger one suits well for adults. 

The smallest one in terms of size is the Sopranino ukulele. This ukulele is 17-19 inches in length. Another small size ukulele that’s a  bit larger is a soprano. A classical soprano ukulele is generally 21 inches in length. 

For adults, larger sizes of ukulele could be a good choice. They should go to a Concert, Tenor, and Baritone ukulele depending on their height. The size of the concert ukulele is 23 inches and for a tenor, it’s 26 inches in length. 

The most comfortable size for tall and aged users is a baritone ukulele. This ukulele size is 30 inches. But these ukulele Tunes is different. If you want a traditional ukulele sound then you should go for the classical four we previously mentioned. 

Now, you know about all classical ukulele sizes. Let’s make your decision on which size ukulele should you need. 

2. Consider Your Budget

The more sugar you put on your cups of tea, it will be that much sweeter. Just like that, The more dollars you are willing to spend for a ukulele you will get that much quality. 

For beginners, it is not necessary to have a top-quality instrument! A ukulele that is nearly $100-$200 is enough. While the intermediate players who put more attention to tunes can buy one at a budget of $300. But for professional ukulele players, an expensive one could be the right choice. 

In short, you have to consider your budget as there are so many ukuleles at different price points. 

3. Choose the Type of Ukulele That Best Suits Your Needs

Not every ukulele looks and sounds the same. For example, the acoustic-electric ukulele produces louder tunes than the classical ukulele. So, if you want a ukulele for recording music or a louder concert, you should go for an Acoustic-Electric ukulele. 

On the other hand, a bass ukulele produces a totally different sound. This ukulele is not for classical music. This ukulele sounds more like a bass guiter. You can choose a bass for rocking western music. 

Another type of ukulele is the pineapple ukulele. This ukulele sounds classical but looks different. So, you have to be transparent about your decision about which types of ukulele you actually need. 

4. Consider the Ukulele’s Construction and Materials

The semi-final step of choosing the ukulele is considering building materials. Well, this is not that hard to decide. You can choose a wooden ukulele for any purpose. 

there is a alternatives options who want water resistance ukulele that lasts longer. The option is a carbon fiber ukulele. This ukulele is more suitable for people who live in extreme weather, where wooden materials don’t last long. 

5. Lets Your Eyes Decide 

After considering all the facts the final thing you have to do is choose one that looks attractive to your eyes. If it makes you confused, let your kids or, loves one decide. 

Not every ukulele buyers are familiar with the ukulele. Some of them want to buy a ukulele for trying something new and some of them buy for gifting purposes. So, if you are one of them don’t worry much. Read the article below and know how ages, purposes, personal preferences, and weather conditions put impact choosing the right ukulele. 

Best Ukulele for Different Ages

Age is the most important fact when you are planning to buy a ukulele. But why is age considered an important fact in terms of choosing a ukulele? It is because there are five most common sizes of ukulele that separately suit for different ages user. Keep your attention below and check out which sizes ukulele should you choose. 

Types of ukulele for different ages user

Sopranissimo Ukulele: 

The sopranissimo is the smallest size ukulele available on the web. This cute instrument is only 17-inch in length and is known as Sopranino, Piccolo, Mini, and pocket ukulele. 

Who should choose the sopranino/sopranissimo ukulele? The smallest ukulele should be perfect for the smallest one! Choose a sopranino ukulele for a little member of your family.  

It’s a bit difficult to fit sopranino for adults. But if you are a fan of music along with traveling, you can take one mini ukulele in your backpack to have a beautiful musical journey. So, do you need a sopranino/sopranissimo ukulele? You might get one from here, 5 Best Sopranino and Sopranissimo Ukulele.

Soprano Ukulele: 

The soprano ukulele is considered to be a standard-size ukulele. But will soprano could be the perfect match for your recruitment? Not all perfect things shine bright for everyone. The 21-inch soprano ukulele is one of the best ukuleles for teens to adults. So, if you are a young age guy go for it! 

Soprano can be used the people of every age but in terms of comfort, this ukulele is not good for people with longer hands like mine. Despite being small, the soprano ukulele has a different fan base. It is because this ukulele is portable size and the perfect size. 

Concert Ukulele:

The concert ukulele considers being the best ukulele for beginners. You might think “why?”. This ukulele is a 23-inch ukulele and has more space between two frets than the soprano. Here, more gap between two frets helps beginners to tap easier. 

So, Is there any relation between ages and size of concert ukulele? Obviously, there is! Generally, people aged between 14-18 years are average in height. For them a concert ukulele is perfect. 

Tenor Ukulele: 

Are you finding a ukulele for middle-aged people with thick fingers? Definitely, a ukulele with less space between frets could not be your best option. Here, you can choose a Tenor ukulele. 

The tenor ukulele considers being the largest size ukulele with traditional tunes. This ukulele is 26-inch in length and is perfect for aged and tall people to use. 

One question that may come to your mind after reading this is “Can kids and adults play tenor ukulele?”. The answer is “Yes” but we don’t recommend it! It is better to practice the right size ukulele depending on age. 

Is the Tenor ukulele the right choice for you? If yes, view 5 Best Tenor Ukuleles Under $300.

How Purposes of Using Ukulele Reflects Ukulele Selection

Purposes play a vital role in selecting ukulele models. For example, you want a ukulele that can give you bass guitar feels. In that case, you can purchase a classical ukulele. Another example, you want a ukulele that sounds different from a classical ukulele. Here, you should have a baritone ukulele. 

Let’s see how the purpose of purchasing affects choosing baritone, bass, and acoustic-electric ukulele. 

Who Should Choose the Baritone Ukulele? 

The baritone ukulele is the largest size common ukulele. But there is a difference! All four common ukulele sounds as GCEA, whereas the Baritone ukulele sounds as DGBE. it’s like a guitar standard tune! So, the baritone ukulele can be perfect equipment if you are finding a ukulele that sounds like a guitar. 

Let’s see another reason to choose, 

If you can play guiter well and your purpose is to learn to play ukulele faster then go for Baritone ukulele. You will have quick control over the baritone ukulele because of familiar DGBE guiter tunes. 

Who Should Try the Bass Ukulele? 

If you are a fan of rock music and want to have a different flavor then the Bass ukulele is one of the perfect ones for you. 

The bass ukulele is a perfect piece of equipment for a traveling musician who loves rock music. But why bass ukulele? As you know a bass guitar is larger in size. Isn’t it a big reason to not use a bass guitar while traveling? So, Choose bass guiter if your purpose of having a rock performance. 

For Which Purposes, I Should Buy an Acoustic-electric Ukulele? 

The Acoustic-electric ukulele is a type of common ukulele that has an electric pickup. You need an amplifier to play this ukulele. So, who should choose the acoustic-electric ukulele? 

For music recording purposes Acoustic-electric ukulele is the best. You can directly record music via amplifier for music production. Another reason to choose this ukulele is having louder music than a common ukulele can produce. So if your purpose is to record music or, have a louder tune then go for an acoustic-electric ukulele. 

Choosing Ukulele on Personal Preference

Ukulele comes in different shapes and sizes. Not all ukulele looks the same. As not every person’s point of view is not the same, different people founds attractive different models. Let’s see how to choose the right ukulele in terms of personal preference.

Well, the most common shapes of the ukulele are the ukulele’s classic shape and the Pineapple shape. There are a few other shapes like square shape and round shape ukuleles but these are rare and not that popular. As we discuss classical shape ukulele (sopranino, soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone) earlier. Let’s see who should choose the pineapple ukulele. 

How is the pineapple ukulele & Who should choose it? 

The Pineapple ukulele is named because of its pineapple shape design. For that reason, this ukulele looks a bit unique and different. But being different in shape doesn’t affect that much on sounds. So if you want a ukulele that sounds like a classical ukulele but looks different then you can choose a pineapple ukulele. 

Want some of the best Pineapple ukuleles in different sizes? View, 4 Best Pineapple Ukulele: Review & Buying Guide.

How to Choose the Right Ukulele Based on Weather

Sometimes the weather can put impact your decision if you are planning to buy a ukulele. If you are living in an extreme weather place like Alaska or, UAE or, near a rainforest you should not buy a wooden ukulele. Here, extremely cold, warm, and hot weather will waste your instrument in a few days. But if you are living in a place where the weather is not that extremely hot, cold, or, warm then you shouldn’t worry. You can purchase any type of wooden ukulele without any worries. 

So, which ukulele should I choose for extreme weather conditions? Well, you should buy a Carbon fiber or, ABS ukulele. This water resistance ukulele is perfect for every weather condition and lasts longer than a wooden one. 

Let’s have a look at our Top selection, Best Carbon Fiber Ukulele.

The Bottom Line

Every ukulele is great but all you have to do is find the suitable one that can fulfill your wants and desires. By considering each instrument’s size and tone. it is easy to pick the right one. 

We hope that you get your answers through our article. Still, have questions in your mind? How was our article on “how to choose the right ukulele”? Let us know in the comment section. 

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