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There will come a period in a ukulele player’s journey where a uke player must learn to play the E chord on ukulele with great courage and bravery. The majority of uke players will go for the great length just because to avoid playing an E chord on the ukulele. But remember after learning this E chord on the ukulele, you will unlock a new level of playing songs on your ukulele.

By sharing my personal experience, whenever I saw a song with an E chord I could not keep it ignore to learn. This is really a chord you should learn at once in your whole ukulele journey. I know in your mind asking these questions: How to play E chord ukulele? How to hold E chord ukulele? I described the process of how I learned it and what the song tune I first tune in it was.

There are many ways to play An E chord on the ukulele. I will walk you through where to place your fingers on the fretboards of your ukulele. I will definitely use the ukulele chord chart to help you get the visual representation that where to place your place fingers it will be better for your better understand.

Unlike the guitar, in the ukulele the strings are not in descending order, the lowest-tone string on a ukulele is the third string. In my chord chart below, I will show you where to place your fingers on the frets.
Before looking at the final chord chart you should know the fingers well. For those who are beginners, this finger introduction diagram will help to better understand.

e chords on ukulele

Okay..!! Now you know the fingers well now here is a key to better understand notations to play the E chord on ukulele chart. This chart will represent your ukulele fretboard and the number or icons used to show you the fingers potions on each fret.

e chord on ukulele

The famous way to tune E chord on ukulele

This is one of the easiest way I learned first and I recommend this for the beginners. In order to play this version of the chord, you need to place your finger like:

e chord on ukulele

Index finger on the 2nd fret of ‘A’ string,
The middle finger on the 4th fret of ‘G’ string,
Ring finger on the 4th fret of ‘C’ and
Pinky finger on the 4th respectively.

The first song I tuned using E chord

Oiwi e ukulele chords and lyrics

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