March 30, 2023
Best Sopranino/Sopranissimo Ukulele

Want to buy the best sopranino/ sopranissimo ukulele but can’t decide which one to buy? Well, finding a ukulele that can fulfill your desire is not so easy. Here UKULELEREV is to make this easy for you. We have done a lot of research for this and have found the 4 best ukuleles with reasonable prices. Now, read the article below and find out your best sopranino ukulele.

About Sopranino and Sopranissimo Ukulele

Sopranino is the smallest size ukulele in the ukulele family. It is also known as Sopranissimo, Piccolo, Pocket, mini, and kids ukulele. This ukulele comes with 12 frets and 4 strings. The total length of a sopranissimo is 16-19 inches. 

Because of the tiny size, the sopranino ukulele has a different fan base. Little kids feel comfortable learning and playing with it. Not only that, this little size attracts travelers who want to carry a ukulele and fancy people who want this cutie to decorate. 

Comparison Table

Sl. NoCatagoryProduct NameAmazon Price
1Best OverallOrtega 4-String Keiki Series (K1-MM)Check Price
2Best DealsKmise Mini Sopranino UkuleleCheck Price
3Best For TravelULTNICE Mini Pocket UkeleleCheck Price
4Best For KidsTaidda Red Pine Mini Sopranino UkuleleCheck Price
5Best for Adult Ohana SK-21 Sopranino UkuleleCheck Price

#1. Ortega 4-String Keiki Series (K1-MM) Sopranino Ukulele

Ortega 4-String Keiki Series (K1-ORG)
Ortega 4-String Keiki Series (K1-MM)
Ortega 4-String Keiki Series (K1-PNK)
Ortega 4-String Keiki Series (K1-PUR)
Ortega 4-String Keiki Series (K1-CO)
Ortega 4-String Keiki Series (K1-RD)
Ortega 4-String Keiki Series (K1-GR)
Ortega 4-String Keiki Series (K1-BL)

Ortega Keiki series K1-MM is a solid 19-inch ukulele from the reputed german brand ORTEGA GUITARS. The attractive appearance, classy design, and lightweight hardwood make this ukulele a perfect gift for children. 

Key features:

  • Use of Okoume wood 
  • Walnut fretboard & bridge 
  • Laser-etched sea turtle design
  • Satin finish

The structure of this ukulele is mainly made of Okoume wood and the fretboard & bridge are made of walnut. The Okoume wood may not be as strong as mahogany or rosewood but in some cases, it’s better than those. 

If we consider comfortability, this ukulele is awesome for kids. As it is made of lightweight hardwood, kids feel comfortable using it. What if adults use it? Well, they will feel comfortable too! Because using a heavy ukulele for a long time can cause hand pain. 

In the case of musical instruments, looks are important too. So, how does the Ortega K1-MM ukulele looks? 

In short, the natural color and the satin finish make this ukulele looks pretty and the Laser-etched sea turtle design makes it looks premium. 


  • Beautiful appearance 
  • Lightweight
  • Nice tuning


  • Not found yet!

Editor’s Opinion

The Ortega K1-MM is made of lightweight wood. Being lightweight gives extra benefits to kids. So this ukulele is perfect for kids. 

Another thing to consider, the structure of this ukulele is not so durable that’s why one can’t use it hardly or regularly. So it is not recommended for professionals. If you are not professional then you can use it but carefully. 

From musicians to fancy people, everyone loves to decorate walls. The Ortega k1-mm appearance is so eye-catchy and beautiful. So it can be purchased for decoration too. 

#2. Kmise 17 Inch Mini Travel Pocket Ukulele for Kids Beginners Adults

Kmise Mini Pocket Ukulele

The Kmise mini pocket ukulele is a strong build 17” Sopranissimo that is made of Mahogany and Walnut wood. Not only that, this cute ukulele comes with top-quality strings. The beautiful finish and classy design make this Sopranino a perfect gift item for yourself and your loved ones.

Key features:

  • Solid build with Mahogany Wood 
  • Walnut fretboard
  • Aquila strings
  • Matte finish

The build quality is this ukulele is topnotch and durable. The combination of mahogany and walnut wood makes this ukulele look and sounds good.

In terms of comfort, the user will feel more comfortable using this ukulele because of its beautiful design and lightweight. but for people with large hands may feel uncomfortable because of this ukulele’s small size. Despite its being little in size, this ukulele sounds very sweet. perfect design and quality materials give more sweetness to this ukulele sound.

What about the price point? The Kmise Mini Ukulele can be considered the best build budget sopranissimo ukulele. A mahogany build ukulele with Aquila Strings under $40 price point is quite unbelievable.


  • Affordable
  • Classy outlook
  • Durable 
  • Quality Strings


  • No gig bag

Editor’s Opinion 

Kmise Sopranissimo is a durable piece of equipment that is suitable for the musician who loves travel and also for beginner kids. Quality build with small size fits on backpack very well and perfectly fits on small kids hand.

#3. ULTNICE Mini Pocket Ukelele

ULTNICE Best sopranino Ukulele

The ULTNICE Mini Pocket Ukelele is a solid build 17-inch classic ukulele made of spruce, rosewood, and mahogany. Not only that, this strong ukulele comes with quality strings too which makes this instrument sounds good and durable. It may look like a toy but tunes good and is super useful for kids and travelers to carry on a backpack. 

Key features:

  • spruce on top and mahogany on the side and back
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Aquila strings

The build quality of this ukulele is strong and durable. On the top, there use spruce wood. On the back and side, there use solid mahogany wood. And laminate wood has been used on the front of this Ukulele   

The structure is this ukulele is strong but what about strings?

The ULTNICE Mini Pocket Ukulele comes with Aquila strings. It is one of the best strings brands for the ukulele. So there is no doubt about string’s material quality too. 

Let’s talk about the looks of this ukulele. The appearance of this ukulele is so cute. It looks so pretty on the wall. Decorating walls or using you can do both with this ukulele.

When it comes to buying something price is so important. since its quality is good and the price is not so high you can buy it without any worries. 


  • Strong build 
  • Quality strings
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lightweight 

Editor’s Opinion

The ULTNICE mini pocket ukulele could be a good choice for travelers because it’s solid and sounds good. Travelers can easily put this on their backpacks while traveling. 

On the other hand, kids who want to play an instrument and learn music can use it too. this cute ukulele isn’t a toy, don’t give it to your kids just for playing

#4. Taidda Red Pine Mini Sopranino Ukulele

Taidda Red Pine Mini Sopranino Ukulele

The Taidda Mini UKULELE  is a solid build 17” ukulele. It comes with good quality strings that make its tune good. Not only does this sopranissimo tune well but also looks good.

Key features: 

  • Made from rosewood, Sapele, and spruce wood
  • Nylon strings 
  • Love shaped soundhole design 

The body of this is made from lightweight wood Pinewood. That makes this ukulele so handy that kids can easily use it.

Another important thing about the ukulele is its strings. What strings have been used in it? Well, Taidda mini ukulele’s strings are made of nylon. That’s pretty average. But compared to its price it’s ok. Users can change it anytime.

Let’s talk about its appearance. The outlook of this ukulele is simply attractive. the whitish pine wood color and smooth surface enhance this uke’s appearance. 


  • Strong build 
  • Beautiful appearance 
  • Light-weighted 


  • Nylon strings

Editors Opinion 

Well build and sound quality with a reasonable price is pretty impressive. As this uke is made of pine wood, this instrument is lightweight. and that makes this ukulele perfect for your small kids.

#5. Ohana SK-21 Sopranino Ukulele

ohana sk-21 sopranino ukulele

The Ohana SK-21 is a solid piece of mini ukulele from a reputed music instrumental band Ohana. This shortest piece of ohana’s ukulele melts every ukulele lover’s heart. The standout quality and beautiful outlook make this uke a premium piece.

Key Features

  • Excellent build with mahogany wood
  • Aquila Strings
  • Hardwood fretboard

The Ohana SK-21 is a premium Sopranino ukulele that builds to last long. this beautiful ukulele is made from solid mahogany wood and comes with Aquila premium strings.

Just like this ukulele’s standout build, the appearance of this ukulele is also very attractive. Natural mahogany’s colors and satin finish create simply gorgeous looks.

The size of SK-21 is a bit larger for a sopranino ukulele. This ukulele is almost 19-inches long and comes with a nearly 12″ scale length.

In terms of price point, this uke is not that expensive but in comparison to the other four in this article- it’s a bit pricy. Overall, if we consider quality and professional build then this ukulele is worth buying.


  • Strong and Durable
  • Quality String
  • Satin finish


  • Slightly large size

Editors opinion:

As this uke is a bit longer than other 17-inch sopranissimo, adults will get extra comfort using this sopranissimo than others. If you want a premium sopranino piece for adult travelers, you can buy this undoubtedly.

Which Best Sopranino Ukulele or, Sopranissomo ukulele Suits You?

Which best sopranino/sopranissimo ukulele is best for you? It actually depends on your wants! 

Sopranino is the smallest one in the ukulele family. That’s why it perfectly suits your little kids. so, for your little kids, you can bring them the Taidda pinewood sopranino ukulele. 

Not only that, but sopranino uke is also perfect for travelers. If you are a traveler then you might go for a strong build pocket ukulele (Kmise Mini Pocket Ukulele & ULTNICE mini pocket ukulele) that tunes well. 

Another reason to choose sopranino is its cute appearance. Are you finding sopranino mainly for decoration? Well, you should find out a ukulele that looks good. In this case, the tune isn’t the main issue. So. if you want a sopranissimo for decoration then go for looks not for quality. 

If you think you need a ukulele that is slightly bigger than classical sopranino and smaller than soprano then you can go for Ohana SK-21. This ukulele could be a perfect sopranino for adult.

Getting Confused about which one should you purchase? Go for Best Overall Ortega 4-String Keiki Series (K1-MM) Sopranino Ukulele. you can use this uke for traveling, decoration, vacation, and so on. not only that, but this mini ukulele is also perfect for kids. So, if you need a tiny and useful ukulele then go for Ortega K1-MM.

The Bottom Lines

We tried our best to find the best sopranino/sopranissimo ukulele for you. Hope you get one through our article! 

Want to know more about all kinds of ukuleles? Read our article How To Choose The Right Ukulele | Beginners Guide

What do you think about this article? Have some questions in your mind? Feel free to comment below!  

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