May 29, 2023

Want to have a pineapple ukulele that is best in quality and durability? You are in the right place. This ukulele has a beautiful design and a sweeter tone that catches everyone’s heart. 

Compared to the standard ukulele, the pineapple ukulele produces a louder and fuller sound. It’s pretty reasonable because this ukulele has a bigger space inside to produce more echo than a standard size ukulele. 

In addition, it’s a bit difficult to make a pineapple ukulele because, choosing the wrong wood, shape differences and materials can put a lot of effect on its sound. That’s the reason why not every band has enough courage to build this.

As we previously discussed the pineapple ukulele is a bit sensitive about its build. And that’s why not every brand’s pineapple ukulele sounds sweet. In this article below, you will find some of the best pineapple ukuleles suggested by our ukulele expert. 

SlCatagoryModel NamePrice
1Best Soprano Pineapple
Luna Vintage Mahogany
Soprano Pineapple Ukulele
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2Best Soprano Pineapple
Ukulele -Runner Up
Sawtooth Mahogany Pineapple
Soprano Ukulele 
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3Best Concert Pineapple
Ortega Bonfire Series
Pineapple Concert Ukulele
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4Best Concert Pineapple
Ukulele -Runner Up
Chaoyi Pineapple Concert UkuleleCheck Latest Price

Best Soprano Pineapple Ukulele

#1. Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Pineapple Ukulele

Luna vintage mahogany pineapple soprano ukulele: best pineapple ukulele

The luna vintage soprano pineapple ukulele comes from the reputed musical instrument brand luna guitars. Excellent quality materials and perfect build make this uke perfect equipment for pineapple ukulele lovers. 

The structure of this Luna vintage soprano pineapple ukulele is made of solid mahogany wood and the Fretboard is made of walnut wood. These finest wood make this ukulele strong and durable enough and helps to produce buzz-less sound. 

Let’s talk about strings, this ukulele comes equipped with Aquila Super Nylget strings. Aquila never compromises with quality. So there is no donut this ukulele produces clear and sweet tunes. 

The appearance of the luna vintage pineapple ukulele is also simple and beautiful. Satin finish on Mahogany’s natural color looks perfect. 

Lastly, the pricing of this ukulele is also worth applause. A quality piece of ukulele for nearly $70 is pretty impressive. 

What We Like:What We Don’t Like:
Solid build with mahogany woodNo gig bag 
Walnut fretboard
Satin finish 
Aquila Super Nylget strings

Customer Review [Amazon]

The sound of this ukulele is so mellow and pretty, and it stays in tune! I can go a good week, playing for about half an hour a night, and it will be just the least little bit flat. I really love this instrument! -touchy touchy

#2. Sawtooth MPS-KIT-2 Mahogany Pineapple Soprano Ukulele 

sawtooth MPS-kit-2 mahogany pineapple soprano ukulele

The sawtooth pineapple soprano ukulele is a solid build ukulele that offers so many things at an affordable price. It comes with a cool ukulele stand, Quick start guide, tuner, and gigbag. 

As mentioned in the product title, the body of this ukulele is made of Mahogany wood and the fretboard & bridge are made of rosewood. The strings of this ukulele are also the value of money. Aquila Super Nylget string used in it. 

Like the previous uke, the appearance of this ukulele is natural and gorgeous. The mahogany wood’s natural beautiful color reflects with a satin finish and gives this ukulele a premium vibe. 

What We Like:
Use of mahogany and rosewood
Free gig bag, stand, and other materials 
Aquila Super Nylget strings
Satin finish

Customer Review [Amazon]

OK, I’m going, to be honest here. I did NOT expect this uke and all the accessories it came with to be this awesome. I am literally blown away. I figured I would give sawtooth ukes a try (never even heard of the sawtooth uke brand), and if I didn’t like it I still scored a tuner, case, and stand. For 55 bucks, this is a steal. I did buy the tenor (these are what I most commonly play- love the sound tenors produce and fit me perfect…. -KF10

Best Concert Pineapple Ukulele

#3. Ortega Guitars, 4-String Bonfire Series Pineapple Concert Ukulele

Ortega bonfire series pineapple concert ukulele

The Ortega RUPA5MM is a beautiful-looking concert pineapple ukulele made by the reputed instrument brand Ortega Guitars. In the body of this ukulele, there is used Sapele wood. Like mahogany, Sapele wood also produces a rich and clear tone without being overly bright. 

The fretboard of this ukulele is made of walnut wood and the strings are made of Ortega’s own quality nylon. 

The appearance of this concert pineapple ukulele is pretty good. The beautiful natural color and the laser engraving plum tree design near the soundhole make its outlook awesome. 

What We Like:What We Don’t Like:
Solid build with mahogany, Sapele, and rosewoodNo gig bag
Ortega Guitars Concert UWNY-CC strings
Laser engraving palm tree design
Satin finish

Customer Review [Amazon]

This Uke has a really great sound and is well finished. Yes, it’s not a top-end solid wood Uke, but for the tier of instrument and price bracket that it’s aimed at it fairs very well indeed. Certainly has a much nicer sound and feel than the basic cheapo entry-level kiddie Ukes out there. -Jimmy_S

#4. Chaoyi Mahogany Pineapple Concert Ukulele

Chaoyi mahogany pineapple concert ukulele

The Chaoyi Pineapple concert ukulele is a classy ukulele made of solid mahogany and rosewood. This ukulele comes with a beautiful gigbag and other necessary kits. 

The combination of mahogany wood body and rosewood fretboard makes this ukulele solid and durable. The Quality wood not only makes a ukulele durable but also helps the ukulele to sound clear and rich. 

The appearance of this ukulele is simply beautiful. Though there is no additional design, still mahogany’s natural color makes this ukulele’s appearance sweet and simple. 

In pricing perception, this ukulele is not that expensive. As everything in this ukulele is good enough and the price is under $100 then it can be said affordable. 

What We Like:What We Don’t LIke:
Use of mahogany and rosewoodStrings of unknown brand
Beautiful gig bag
Additional string, picks, strap, and capo

Customer Review [Amazon]

I received this as a Christmas present, and I love it so much! It came with a nice case with backpack straps. It’s very easy to tune in. The strings are very sturdy, and the ukulele produces a beautiful sound. I love the pineapple shape! -RLM

How Do We Choose And Why Should You Consider Our Picked Product?

There are a lot of facts to consider before choosing a ukulele. In that case, we have a deep trust in our experts. They do a lot of research to ensure all the facts below: 

Build materials: building materials puts a direct impact on the ukulele’s tunes and durability. For pineapple ukulele solid wood like mahogany, Sapele is the best and for the fretboard, walnut wood is perfect. Another thing that not everyone takes carefully is nuts. A good ukulele must have a set of strong nuts that are placed tightly on the top. And lastly, a good ukulele comes with a set of quality strings. After considering all the facts we judge the design. 

Design: As music is all about art and passion, appearances mean a lot here. And that’s why we try to choose a ukulele that is good in quality and looks well. 

Brand: building a perfect ukulele is not that easy and not every band can make it perfect. For that reason, we pick the best pineapple ukulele from experienced brands. 

User reviews: After considering all the facts we put our eyes on what are user commenting about our selected producers. Here, if we can see enough positive views then we make it final and if not then we go for another. 

Expert’s Recommendation About Pineapple Ukulele [Buying Guide]

As we mention the 4 best pineapple ukuleles in this article it may create confusion for you. So which one should you buy? 

It actually depends on your requirement. if you want a pineapple ukulele for kids then Soprano pineapple could be your best choice. 

Now, if you need a soprano then you can buy anyone from our first two soprano selections. Both of these are good enough. Choose one that catches your eyes. Here, the Sawtooth Pineapple ukulele Costs nearly $10 more than the Luna pineapple ukulele. but you will get a gig bag, uke stand, and other kits for free with a Sawtooth pineapple ukulele. While Luna pineapple soprano offers a ukulele only! Now the choice is yours. 

On the other hand, if you want a ukulele for your own or, want to gift someone who is an adult then Concert pineapple could be a better choice. It is because the Concert ukulele is a bit bigger in size than the soprano and that helps adults to play easier. 

The Ortega pineapple concert ukulele also costs more than the Chaoyi Pineapple concert ukulele. But in design perception, Ortega’s ukulele looks cooler because of its laser engraving plum tree design. So, if you fall like me on Ortega’s eye-catchy design then go for it! 

Moreover, the Chaoyi pineapple concert ukulele offers a premium quality bag along with some important kits. So, you can choose the Chaoyi pineapple concert ukulele over Ortega’s plum design if you want some kits for free. 

Bottom Line

For those who want louder and fuller tunes, choosing a pineapple ukulele is a wise choice. Though both standard ukulele and pineapple ukulele sounds nearly the same. but some users claim that the Pineapple ukulele produces more warm tunes. 

We hope that you get the perfect one through our article. How was this article on Pineapple article? Let us know in the comment section. 

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