How to Play C Major on Ukulele: 16 Easy Ways to Play

how to play c major on ukulele - ukulelerev

The C major is one of the very common and popular chords on the ukulele. There are plenty of songs that you can play with c major. Such as Otherside, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Amazing Grace, and so on. Feeling excited to learn this chord? Let’s begin with finger and strings basics and then learn … Read more

7 Types of Repeat in Sheet Music (Signs)

Types Of Repeat In Sheet Music

Songs nowadays trended to be repeated lyrics. Similar to that music must be repeated at this point to be matched with lyrics. As writing down music takes tons of time, repeats help a lot to narrow down the music sheet. So, how to read and write repeat? Read the whole article carefully to get your … Read more

How to Play D Major on Ukulele: 12 Easy Ways to Play

How to Play D Major on Ukulele 12 Easy Ways to Play

Learning chords becomes important when you are playing a song using a music sheet. In this section, we will discuss the most common way and so many alternatives to playing the D major. But before that, you have to understand the finger and strings position.  All classical ukulele tunes as GCEA. the G string is … Read more

How to bend on a ukulele

How To Bend On A Ukulele

Bending strings of a ukulele create a soulful sliding effect and allow it to move seamlessly between two nearby notes. It is easy and enjoyable for professionals but it can be a bit difficult for beginners. So, how to bend on a ukulele? The very first thing you have to learn is the perfect hand positioning … Read more